Three years ago, I embarked on a life changing experience. I had been working in the International Logistics Industry for almost 20 years and I came to a point where I felt like I was married to my job and needed to break loose. At the time, it was just meant to be a career break, just a year off away from the office and all that come with it. Three  years later, I’m still on a career break and having a blast.

In the past 3 years I have been working as an Accident Recovery Manager, managing and caring for a patient who is wheelchair bound due to a road accident. Compared to my corporate office work, I find my role very rewarding, and seeing my patient progress  with his walking and general abilities  is very humbling. What a difference from moving cargo from country to country,  to witnessing and being part of the recovery programme to assist a disabled man have a better quality of life!

In addition to doing something more meaningful in life,  I have had an incredible journey of travelling to many countries. I have covered countless cities and experienced some incredible cultures. I could never have done this in my 9-5  corporate job. I am forever grateful for the experiences I have had. All would have been unaccomplished, should I have let fear get in the way and stayed in my comfort zone of a safe, stable and secure 9-5 job. But my heart was telling me otherwise. And so I left all that was familiar to me in the great land of OZ and headed to England. I have never looked back.

I hope my stories and  my travels, inspire others to find the courage and reject  fear that holds them back from their dreams. I hope that my work with photography –  my new found passion, portray and tell my story in a way that is encouraging and inspirational to  others to follow their dream,  as I have.




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