Running my first London Marathon for Charity – 2016

It has been a goal of mine to run the London Marathon for 3 years now, since I first arrived in London from Australia and photographed the event.  I photographed the marathon again last year, for the 3rd consecutive time and this time, I had the privilege to secure a space amongst the crowds positioned in front of Buckingham Palace. This prime position is only 200 metres from the finish line,  therefore I felt like I was feeling every emotion of every person that whizzed, ran, walked, dragged, and cried their way past me. The emotions, the adrenalin was surreal and I just wanted to be part it.

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So I put the wheels in motion and applied for a place,  unfortunately my application was not successful initially. So I applied for a place to run for the charity “Sense – For Deafblind People”,  which was successful and so here I am raising funds to reach my target and training extremely hard.  To help me raise these much needed funds,  I even braved the kitchen during Christmas and baked  Christmas Cakes to sell.  I received 11 orders in total which generated £154, increasing my fundraising pool generously.

The fundraising is not over yet, I need to raise a total of £1500,  I still have a long way to go, just like with my running. I have never ran a marathon before, not even half a marathon, therefore I started training early, as soon as last years marathon was over, I started hitting the pavement.  I’m still only running 12 miles and I need to build that up to 26 miles, so a long way to go in only 80 days. But I’m determined to do this, just like I’m determined to raise the funds I need, therefore if you haven’t already  donated yet, please support his great cause. My fundraising page is:

All this would probably not have been possible if it wasn’t for so many people involved. Firstly working as a Live in Carer with ENA Care ( which allows me the flexibility to get involved in such events.  Mum and dad, who helped me make many of the cakes despite they were in London on holiday from Australia to visit me for Christmas. My supportive patient who has become a dear friend and my family away from home over the pasts 4 years,  who generously allowed me to make a mass in his kitchen and take over it whilst baking cakes.  His supportive family, who always support everything I embark on. The day staff, who support me whilst I go for my runs and training during my two hour breaks every morning.  And of course all the friends family and co workers who  have generously sponsored me or supported me by purchasing one of my christmas cakes – thank you all for your support.

About Sense 

Screen Shot 2015-11-13 at 16.54.08

Sense is a national  charity that supports and campaigns for children and adults who are deaf and blind.  Living with little or no sight and hearing is challenging,  “Sense”  offers these people the opportunity to  develop  their talents and reach their full potential.  ” Sense also  work to support their families, offering a range of housing, education, leisure opportunities and improving their quality of life.

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